Wednesday, 12 April†- 12:00

/†Great Britain†2004 / 90 min
Dir: Danny Boyle, cast: Alex Etel, Lewis McGibbon, James Nesbitt

After the death of their mother, 9-year-old Anthony and 7-year-old Damian move into a new home with their father in order to start a new. Damian uses his fantasies and imagination to make some sense of this confusing situation, while Anthony is much more down-to-earth. One day, a large bag of money falls at Damianís feet, as if straight from the sky. The bag contains millions of pounds that will become worthless in a weekís time as the United Kingdom adopts the euro. The need to spend the money within seven days sets the boys off on a great adventure that makes them realize a few things about the facts of life along the way and teaches them how to measure true wealth.†
In English, with Estonian and Russian subtitles†

Saturday, 15 April- 12:00

Estonian animated films for children
Entrance free.

"Carrot" (2003);
"Miriamís Christmas Dwarf" (2003); "Miriam Plays Hide-and-Seek" (2004); "Miriamí Henbox" (2005); "Theatre Carrot" (2005)

Programme lasts 40 min.

Sunday, 16 April
- 12:00

Latvian animated films for children
Entrance free.
"Rescue Team" series


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