New Russian Films

Thursday, 13 April - 19:00

My Childhood Myths / "Mifõ moevo detstvo" / Russia 2005 / 103 min
Dir: Juri Feting, cast: Denis Kasimov, Klim Zvesdin, Irina Patrakova

The story unfolds in a little city of Tmurtarkani by the Asov Sea in the 1960ies. Warm humour with local myths and legends.

In Russian, with English subtitles.

Friday, 14 April - 19:00

First on the Moon / "Pervõje na lune" / Russia 2005 / 75 min
Dir: Aleksei Fedortšenko, cast: Boris Vlassov, Viktoria Iljinskaja, Anatoli Otradnov

Spring 1938. A UFO crashes in the North of Chile. A recent inquiry revealed that the object was actually a Soviet rocket. Using this discovery as a starting point, the film details the main stages of an ambitious space programme launched in the 1930s, whose goal was... the Moon. The succession of archive footage and contemporary interviews reveals a forgotten chapter in history. Pervye na lune is more than just a delightful hoax; it is also an ironic tribute to Soviet montage films and a balanced look at the process of producing heroes.
In Russian, with Estonian subtitles.

Laupäev, 15. aprill - 19:00

Poor Relatives / "Bednõje rodstvenniki" / Russia-France 2005 / 103 min
Dir: Pavel Lungin, cast: Konstantin Habenski, Sergei Garmaš, Leonid Kanevski

As the Russian title (literally, “poor relatives”) suggests, the story concerns the encounters between poor and wealthy relatives in a distant village in  the Ukraine. The film’s irony in part relies on the deconstruction of the term “poor relatives” with its loaded cultural meaning.
In Russian, with Estonian subtitles.

Sunday, 16 April - 16:45

Two Boys with The Faces of Juvenile Delinquents / "Metšta" / Russia 2006 / 90 min
Dir: Sergei Snežkin, cast: Nikita Podohanov, Jegor Morozov, Nina Malahhova

A comedy involving a million-winning lottery ticket which is chased by many...

In Russian.


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