Wednesday, 30 November

10:00 – 14:00 SLEEPWALKERS film school - Thomas Mauch's master class.  

14:00 SLEEPWALKERS screens nine new Estonian student films.  

16:00 JUST FILM screens “Black Diamond".  

16:00 SLEEPWALKERS competition programme “From the Life of the Marionettes”, director of Dutch film “Pendule” Ruud Terhaag, and producers Martijn van Sas and Marcel de Jong are present.

18:00 JUST FILM presents youth film “The Mighty Kelt”, featuring Gillian Anderson and Robert Carlyle.

18:00 SLEEPWALKERS competition programme “The 400 Blows”, including “1919” (director Leyla Nedorosleva is present) and "The Paradise of Lulin" (director Philip Escobar Jung is present).

20:00 JUST FILM screening "Fourteen Sucks!" sold out. Screening of the film during main programme will be on 7 Decembril, 12:30 in Coca-Cola Plaza 7th hall. Extra screening in Tartus on 9 Decembril, 18:00 Ekraan 2.

20:00 SLEEPWALKERS KamaKino special programme of Spanish short films done by masters like Luis Buñuel and Alejandro Amenábar.

22:00 JUST FILM screens  Finnish youth film “Homesick”.
22:00 SLEEPWALKERS special event Karaoke-party in “Popular”-bar.
Admission with festival pass.


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