Monday, 5 December

Screenings of BNFF main programme continue. The audience is welcome to meet the filmmakers who present their screenings.

13:00 Day's first screening in Coca-Cola Plaza - Swedish children's film HORSING AROUND.

CCP 7 Competition film from Slovenia LABOUR EQUALS FREEDOM, with director Damjan Kozole present.

17:30 CCP 4  Documentary participating in the Estonian feature film competition REJECTED MEMORIES (MEMORIES DENIED), with director Imbi Paju attending.

17:30  BROKEN FLOWERS in Sõpruses sold out!

CCP 1 Belgian film from competition programme ORDINARY MAN is introduced by the leading actor Carlo Ferrante.

19:30 KOSMOS 1 Canadian actress Diana Pavlovska presents THE DELICATE ART OF PARKING.
19:30 CCP 4 FAMILY - documentary by Sulev Keedus  is presented by the director.

19:30 ELI, ELI LEMA SABACHTANI (Coca-Cola Plaza 7) sold out!

20:00 In Sõprus cinema director Ilona Ziok and composer Manuel Göttsching present documentary THE SOUND OF SILENTS.

20:30 Mexican feature KILLING CABOS (Coca-Cola Plaza 3) sold out!

21:30 CCP 7 Russian film GARPASTUM is presented by the director Aleksei German jr.

CCP 5 Actor Guy Thauvette introduces Canadian film LOOKING FOR ALEXANDER.

21:30 CCP 4 Estonian feature film competition screening of AUGUST 1991. Producer Gerda Kordemets is present there for any questions from the audience.


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