BNFF Summer Cinema and Goethe Institute present:


9 – 14 June in cinema SÕPRUS

Friday, 9 June - 21.00                  

GÖTTER DER PEST / Gods of the Plague              
1970, 88 min

Director Rainer Werner Fassbinder, DoP Dietrich Lohmann, Music Peer Raben, Cast Harry Baer, Hanna Schygulla, Margarethe von Trotta, R.W. Fassbinder

Taciturn Franz Walsch, fresh out of prison, visits Joanna, his girlfriend. He is implicated in his brother’s murder and has affairs with other women. He resumes his relationship with his buddy, the hoodlum Günther, known as “Gorilla.” Together they plan a supermarket robbery, but they are let down, and the police lie in wait.

Saturday, 10 June - 21.00                  

DER AMERIKANISCHE SOLDAT / The American Soldier      
1970, 80 min

Director Rainer Werner Fassbinder, DoP Dietrich Lohmann, Music Peer Raben, Cast Karl Scheydt, Jan George, Marius Aicher, R.W. Fassbinder

Ricky, a small-time American gangster who has served in Vietnam, returns to Munich, where he grew up and where he is wanted by the police. Working as a hired killer, Ricky fulfills some assignments, spends some time in childhood haunts with his friend Franz Walsch, visits his mother and brother, waits in his hotel room, murders his whorish mistress, and is cornered by the cops.

Sunday, 11. June - 21.00                  

1971  103 min

Director Rainer Werner Fassbinder, DoP Michael Ballhaus, Music Peer Raben, Cast Lou Castel, Eddie Constantine, Marquard Bohm, Hanna Schygulla, R.W. Fassbinder

A film’s crew and cast, including Eddie Constantine, sit around a seedy seaside hotel in Spain waiting for the film’s director to start shooting. Meanwhile, the production manager bullies everyone, and sexual intrigues develop at the hotel bar. These problems are compounded when the director finally arrives.

12. June - 21.00                  

The Merchant of Four Seasons
1971, 88 min

Director Rainer Werner Fassbinder, DoP Dieter Lohmann, Cast Hans Hirschmüller, Irm Hermann, Hanna Schygulla, Ingrid Caven, Kurt Raab

 In 1950s Munich, Hans Epp, a former Foreign Legionnaire, upsets his bourgeois family by becoming a fruit and vegetable peddler. After a heart attack and his subsequent recovery, Hans takes on his old friend Harry as a partner. The business begins to do well, but the more his family believes in him, the more depressed Hans Epp becomes. One jolly day, while toasting everyone, he decides to drink himself to death.

Tuesday, 13. June- 21.00                  

Fist-Right of Freedom      
1975, 123 min

Director Rainer Werner Fassbinder, DoP Michael Ballhaus, Cast R.W. Fassbinder, Peter Chatel, Adrian Hoven, Harry Bear

Franz Biberkopf, a guileless young fellow known as Fox, loses his job in a traveling circus, but then wins half a million Marks in the lottery. Used to hustling older men in public restrooms, Fox meets Max, a dapper antiques dealer, who introduces him to Eugen, a handsome but vulpine sophisticate. Fox seduces Eugen, who uses Fox’s prize money to decorate his apartment and to help his father’s troubled business. The film is dedicated to “Armin and the others.”

Wednesday, 14 June - 21.00                  

KAMIKAZE 1989                                                
1982, 106 min

Director Wolf Gremm, DoP Xaver Schwarzenberger, Music Edgar Froese, Cast R.W. Fassbinder, Günther Kaufmann, Boy Gobert, Arnold Marquis

In the near future where "the combine" controls television and news, a bomb threat brings super cop Jansen to the combine’s headquarters. Nothing happens, but his boss gives him four days to solve the hoax. Odd things occur: on day one there’s a murder at the combine; vague references to the combine’s enemy, Krysmopompas, appear; the nephew of the combine’s boss confesses to the bomb threat, although he didn’t do it. Jansen stays focused, interviewing employees who received special awards (printed on the paper used for the bomb threat). Is he onto something big or was the bomb threat just a prank? And what is this 31st floor rumored hidden in the 30-story combine headquarters?

All films are in German, with English subtitles.

The screenings will commence with introductions by Mart Rummo, Rainer Sarnet, Marianne Kõrver and Katrin Rajasaare.


Single ticket costs 40 EEK (students, pupils, pensioners) and 80 EEK. Pass for the whole programme 180 EEK and 360 EEK respectively.

Tickets are sold at cinema Sõprus ticket counter and Piletilevi sales offices.  


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