Wednesday, 30 August

Kersti Uibo’s special programme

Kersti Uibo lives in London. Estonian audiences have seen her previous films "Evaldimaa" and "Kitsas on värav". The first received the Grand Prix in Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival in 1995 and the second the price of Estonian people in 2002.


Vaikelu naisega
Estonia 2006 / 52 min

This is a story of artist Vladimir Titov and his wife Natalia, their reflections on life and marriage.


Narrow is the Gate / Kitsas on värav
Estonia 2002 / 65 min

This is the story of an old nun from Gracanica Serbian Orthodox Convent in Kosovo, who shares with the viewers her life experience in a region dominated by ethnic conflict. Her narratives integrate a present problem, the conflict between Serbs and Albanians, into the more general development of Kosovo during the XX century, from the point of view of an "eye-witness". The character offers a direct contact with the hardships of the Serbs in Kosovo, but she’s also a perfect human sample of the ethnic prejudice and discriminatory thinking that lies at the root of the tensions in Kosovo.

NB! Introduction of the films by the author.


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