International jury of official competition EurAsia

Eva Isaksen – Norway
Head of the Jury

Eva Isaksen is a Norwegian director, born in 1956. She has a university degree in film and theatre. Her first feature film was "Burning Flowers", a co-operation with Eva Dahr in 1985.
The award-winning “Death at Oslo Central" was seen in 1990, "Stork Staring Mad" in 1994 and "1996: Pust på meg" in 1997– a collaborate project with four other directors. Her film "Cellofan" was screened at the first BNFF in 1997. She is best known for her 2003 feature film "Mother’s Elling" (BNFF, 2004). Altogether, Isaksen has directed seven feature films and several TV series and shorts. In addition, she has taken part in the production of several Norwegian films as production manager, script supervisor and scriptwriter.

Yeþim Ustaoðlu - Turkey

Yeþim Ustaoðlu was born in Saramakis in eastern Turkey in 1960. She studied architecture and then took a master's degree at Yildiz University specialising in restoration. Freelance journalist and director of video workshops, she has also written articles for various art and film magazines and made four short films all of which have won awards. Her first feature film "Iz" (1994) received the title of best Turkish film at the Istanbul Film Festival. She received international acclaim for her second feature "Journey to the Sun" (received the Blue Angel Award for Best European Film at the 1999 Berlin Film Festival and presented at the BNFF 2000). Her last feature "Waiting for the Clouds" won the Special Jury Prize and Best Actress at the Istanbul Film Festival and will be shown at BNFF this year.

Jaak Allik – Estonia

Jaak Allik was born in Tallinn in 1946. He has studied history and sociology in Tartu University. Besides his political career, he is known as a theatre critic and director. His reviews on theatre and film have been published since 1965 both in Estonian and foreign press. From 1981 he founded the culture magazine "Teater.Muusika.Kino" and became its editor-in-chief. Two years later he started to work at the Viljandi Drama Theatre "Ugala", as an arts director. There he returned for three other periods, from 2001 as a director. Among others he has staged A. Gribojedov’s "The Trouble with Reason" (1987), M. Simon’s "Old Lady’s Guide to Survival" (1993), J. Tätte’s "The Highway Crossing" (1999) and A. Beaton’s "Feelgood" (2005). He has been the Minister of Culture and the chairman of the Estonia’s Theatre Union. Currently he is a member of the 10th Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament).

Thomas Mauch – Germany

Thomas Mauch was born in 1937 in Heidenheim. He received his education as a photographer. Mauch started his cinematography career in Munich, where he became an unpaid assistant to a documentary film studio. There he met Edgar Reitz and started as his camera assistant on an industry film "Baumwolle" ("Cotton", 1957), filmed in South America. Hereby he became a free-lance assistant and, in 1963, a cinematographer. He also started lecturing on film at the Ulm School of Design. In 1965 he shot his first feature films with colleagues from Ulm - Alexander Kluge ("Abschied von Gestern", 1966) and Edgar Reitz ("Mahlzeiten", 1967).
With the 1968 "Signs of Life" begins his long-lasting co-operation with Werner Herzog. Together they shot the most memorable jungle landscapes for "Aguirre – the Wrath of God" (1972) and "Fitzcarraldo" (1982).
Later, he has tried his skills as a director ("Maria von den Sternen", 1989), with special effects ("Es ist nicht leicht ein Gott zu sein" – ”Hard to Be a God”, 1989) and founded his own production company. By now, his record of works contains more than 70 items. Thomas Mauch has been granted the NSFC award and several times the German film award: Bundesfilmpreis - Filmband in Gold.

James Ragan - USA

James Ragan was born to a Czech family in Pittsburgh, USA. Later, he has lived in Paris, Prague, London, Athens and Bejing. Ragan is currently a Fulbright professor, a successful playwright and a screenwriter and the author of the award-winning books of poetry – "In the Talking Hours", "Womb-Weary", "The Hunger Wall", "Lusions", "Too Long a Solitude" and "The World-Shouldering I". His play productions include "Saints" and "Commedia" with Raymond Burr. He worked on the Academy Award nominee, "Number One" (1976) and as a screenwriter on "Last Story of the Century" (2005).


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