Sunday, 4 December

12:30 Canadian film SIBLINGS (CCP 7) is introduced by its director David Weaver who is also available for the Q&A after the film. 


14:00 Director Alexey German Jr. introduces his film GARPASTUM (CCP 1).

14:30 Brothers-directors Stephen and Timothy Quay are present at the screening of THE PIANO TUNER OF THE EARTHQUAKES (CCP 7).

15:00 The screening of CONSTANT GARDENER in Sõprus is replaced with BROKEN FLOWERS.

15:00 1984 (made in 1984) (Coca-Cola Plaza 3) Välja müüdud!

15:30 Ilona Ziok is introducing her documentary THE SOUNDS OF SILENTS (CCP 4).

16:00 Canadian producer Jody Shapiro is present at the screening of THE SADDEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD (CCP 6).

16:30 Slovenian ironic film LABOUR EQUALS FREEDOM (CCP 1) is presented by director Damjan Kozole.

18:00 The screening of JEWISH BOY in Tartu (Ekraan 2) is replaced with Argentinian film BOMBÓN.

19:00 TROPICAL MALADY from Thailand in Coca-Cola Plaza 5 is replaced with EROS.

19:30 Mexican BATTLE IN HEAVEN (Coca-Cola Plaza 3) Sold out!

20:00 Actor Kais Nashef introduces a film about Palestinin suicide killers - PARDISE NOW (CCP 7).

20:00 BMW presents: short films THE HIRE (Coca-Cola Plaza 4) Sold out!

22:00 Canadian film WHITE SKIN (Kosmos 2) will be introduced by the actress Marianne Farley.


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