Sunday, 27 August

Danish Embassy presents:


Dir:Malene Choi Jensen /Denmark 2005 / 24 min

This is a film about a young Muslim woman trying to find her way in life in Denmark.The film follows Sabha Khan struggle to be accepted in Danish society and her attempts at getting a job.

Danes and Others / Taanlased ja teised
Dir:Eva Katariina Taimre, author:Kadri-Liis Rebane / Estonia 2005 / 30 min

The Danes are said to be tolerant people. A small nation who regards highly their culture and identity, do they really welcome everyone to their country? How easy it is for the muslims to integrate into a Christian state?


The Anatomy of Evil / Ondskabens anatomi
Dir: Ove Nyholm /Denmark 2005 / 90 min

"The Anatomy of Evil" is the result of persistent research that has led director Ove Nyholm on a world journey to answer controversial questions: What makes ordinary people commit mass slaughtering and indulge in genocide during war time? And how do they get on with their everyday life having hundreds of killings on their conscience? The director introduces us to the executioners who each have a personal history that explains their involvement in the most cruel genocides in Europe during the last fifty years from Holocaust to the recent tragedy in the Balkans.


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